Lenzie Avery, LAMFT

Lenzie Avery
"What's your story? I'd love to hear it. Everything you have done in your life, every person you've met, every interaction you've had, every hurt, every hope, every heart you've encountered leads up to the summary of your personal story you know so well. Our stories are usually focused on pain, disappointment, and negative change. But our stories can be altered. I believe I can help you see the sparkling, secure storyline hiding beneath the painful one. Our imagination is another realm in which we look at our lives. When we ruminate over potential positive outcomes of change, we are using that imagination. When we let our anxious thoughts take control through fear of what may be or what may happen, we are using our imagination. Let me guide you to a new way of looking at your own life. Let’s build healthy thought patterns as well as acceptance and forgiveness of our pain. Let me help you use that imagination for your own benefit and live to your full potential. 
I am a masters level clinician pursuing professional licensure. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2014 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences. After spending a year living in the East Village of NYC, I moved back to my hometown of Atlanta to complete my Masters of Family Therapy at Mercer University in Atlanta. I apply a systemic perspective to my therapy practice. This school of thought conveys that nothing we do happens in a vacuum; we are all interconnected through a web of constant daily interactions with each other. These interactions are with family, friends, lovers, colleagues and the people you smile to on the street. I specializes in providing individual therapy for young adults, college students, artists and musicians, as well as couples and family therapy."
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